Saturday, May 9, 2009

Still More Pictures from Last June!

Here is another installment of that special June evening. At the end of my previous post, I showed some cactus being silhouetted as the sun broke through below the clouds. If you look closely at those last pictures, you can see two Saguaro cactus in the foreground - a small one closer to me that has no arms, and the larger one with arms farther away. Also note the position of these two cactus relative to the sun.

The first shot below makes these cactus look quite strange. I've repositioned myself so that the sun is directly behind the larger cactus. What's happened here is that, coincidentally, the smaller cactus happens to be in a straight line with the sun and the larger cactus. And, yep, it makes the cactus silhouette look strange.

As the sun sank further down, there was yet another bank of clouds for it to pass behind. The following three shots show the sun disappearing behind these new clouds, and then reappearing once again. There are also some rays and cloud shadows in these shots that I just love.

Finally, here is another wide-angle shot, repositioning my self to once again show the two cactus in separate silhouettes. In this shot, notice the cloud bank just above and to the left of the cactus. In my next posting, I will show what becomes of this cloud bank.

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