Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unusual Clouds

Here are some photos, again from last June. As I left the house on this particular evening to go out to take pictures, I was stunned by this cloud formation. Before I even got in my car to head to the destination of choice, I had to start taking pictures. And, as I was driving along, I just had to stop several times along the way to take more pictures.

I really loved the clear blue sky above, the light fluffy cloud on top, the dark menacing cloud below, and the bright sun's rays. This first shot was taken from right in front of my house.

This second shot was taken just around the corner from my house.

The next two shots were taken just a short distance further along.

Finally, I arrived at my desired destination. The following shot shows what I saw when I looked back to the west.

Now, here is the really good news -- the above shots were just the beginning of a really great evening. To see more of these unusual cloud shots from the beginning of this evening, check out the web album at Unusual Cloud Formations. I'll write about more of the pictures from this special evening in a later post.


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  5. You have an amazing collection of beautiful photos with Arizonian sunsets. Arizona is the best place for sunset lovers. Keep up the great work and I will be keeping an eye!