Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes a Surprise

Here are some more shots from last June. The night started off with out a lot of clouds in the sky. I've said it before, but, I'll say agan that I like the sun when it is peeking out from behind a cloud like this.

After taking the above shot, I went on up the highway about a mile to a place with some cactus up on the side of a hill. By this time, the sun was nearly down. At this point, the clouds look pretty much the same as they did earlier.

But, this was one of those nights where the clouds surprised me. Two things began to take shape. One, the upper bank of clouds took on an eerie glow. And, two, the lower bank of clouds, that I really didn't even now was there, began to show some streaks.

Here is a closer look at the lower bank of clouds. They took on a wonderful golden glow.

This next shot is a wider view again, and shows the very unique glow in the upper bank.

And, next is what the sky looked like after the sun was long gone. I love the soft change in the colors from orange into purple.

Finally, here is a shot from three nights later. Again, not a lot of clouds. I just found a spot between some bushes to add some foreground interest. I like the wispy look of the clouds. I think it looks like the sun is behind some of the clouds, and in front of some of the others. Of course, that's not too likely!!

To see more of these shots, visit the June album.

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