Sunday, April 5, 2009

Horray, June Has Begun!

Well, OK, June hasn't really begun yet. But, at least I'm done with the uploading of the May 2008 photos to my Picasa web albums. And, I've started going through the June pictures. And, June really started off with a very firey sky. June 1, 2008 was a very great night.

This first picture is a medium zoom shot, nicely showing the friendly Saguaro.

The second shot, is a wide shot, showing what the sky looked like before the sun went down. It was a very pretty sky.

But, here is what you could see if you zoomed in for a closer look at the clouds as the sun was disappearing below the horizon. The details in the clouds are really neat. But, there are far better pictures still to come from this night. However, I'm going to leave it at this for tonight's posting, because when I re-examined the pictures from this June night, I was reminded of just how great the night was. And, there are a lot more photos to describe and upload.

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