Monday, March 2, 2009

Wow! My first Follower!!

Hi Barb. I really want to say thanks for stopping by, and for your very kind comments! It was my intention when I thought about starting this blog, that I'd keep it up to date with how new photos were coming along, etc. I guess that now I'd better get busy at doing that! In case you hadn't noticed, I haven't updated this since my first posting.

As a young kid, I traveled a lot with my parents. We managed to see a lot of the continental United States. As far S.E. as Tennessee and some of the Virginia's; N.E. as D.C.; N.W. as Wyoming; and S.W. as California. When I was only 5 years old, we took a long vacation far down into Mexico. But, unfortunately, I don't remember very much of any of these places - only separate images remain in my head.

Any way, when I first moved to Arizona (1967), I didn't really like or appreciate the desert. My parents loved it, however. As I've aged (!!!), I now see a real beauty in the desert. For as long as I can remember, I appreciated sunsets. Since moving from the Phoenix area to the Florence area about two years ago, we are now surrounded by the desert, and the sunsets are more fantastic than ever. What can I say, in just a little over a year now, I've taken over 10,000 (!!!) sunset photos. Whew! And, I can't stop. Every night, I at least look outside to see if anything 'good' is happening in the sky. If there is, I'm out there, hoping for a spectacle. Not every night yields magic, but some do. And I don't want to miss those.

And, that gets me to tonight. My best friend of many years and I went out for our boy's night out, to see a movie (Slumdog Millionaire) and get a bite to eat. The theater is in town (Mesa), and when we came out at about 7pm, I could tell that I had missed what was probably, a real good sky-show. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Well, I'd probably better wrap this up tonight. Again, Barb, thanks for coming by. I'll try to keep this up to date and informative.

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