Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trees Do Make Nice Silhouettes

I was late heading for home tonight, and the sky looked incredibly cloudless. We are setting high-temperature records for this time of year - near 90 deg. F. But, I could see that there was a lot of pollution (or just dirt) in the air, and this usually makes for great oranges. When I was about half way home, the sun was just about ready to go down. I could estimate that in about 10 minutes I'd reach this place, where I've taken photos before. So, I planned on making a stop.

There is this great big tree there that makes great silhouettes. I'd have liked to be able to get the sun directly behind the tree, but unfortunately, the tree is on the other side of the fence, and the fence is posted with No Trespassing signs. At this time of the year, the sun is still setting a little South of due West, which meant that I could not position the tree directly in front of the sun. It won't be too long from now, that the setting sun will be a little to the North, and I'll be able to line it up a little better with this tree. I just need to remember this as I am driving by!!!

Is it just me, or does this shot make it look a little like the tree is trying to reach out and grab either the sun, or that approaching airplane?

Zooming in a little more shows of the mountains in the distance. Too bad about the power poles though.

And, since the power poles are not going to go away, how about making the sun look like it is balanced on the power lines?

In this last shot, I aimed the camera a bit down so that it would lighten up the overall image a little. I wanted to show the road and the nearby terrain. Even with that, I had to use Picasa to lighten the shot some more so that the road was actually visible.

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