Friday, May 15, 2009

Even MORE Pictures from Last June!

In my last posting, I said that I would show what became of the cloud bank that was above and to left of the cactus. So ...

In that last picture (in the last posting), the clouds behind the cactus looked nice, but normal. By zooming in for a closer look, the clouds took on a very pink appearance. This color was unexpected, and didn't really show up until I took this closer shot.

In just a short while, the sun went below the horizon, and the tops of the clouds above the cactus turned a wonderful orange. I love the shape of those clouds. Another thing that I really like in this shot is red glow on the horizon in the lower right corner, which is where the sun went down.

And, a little bit later still, and the overhead clouds turned red. Also, notice the sky shadows being cast by the clouds.

But, now I'd like to back up a little in time to just before the sun went down. This next shot shows rain falling from the cloud to the west. But, as it frequently does here in the desert, the rain never reaches the ground. You can see the wind causing the rain to fall at an angle.

And finally, here is a shot that I really like. I love shots where the sun looks quite large as it goes down, partially behind the horizon. But, look right above the sun -- you can see the rain falling, but not making it to the ground.


  1. Fantastic photos, and after 20 yrs in the AZ, we are Honorary Natives. Most folks don't make it past 10 or 12 yrs.

  2. So good! (Muito bom! adorei!)I Love it!